Lately, living in Japan, I have been thinking deeply about something.

That is, “all humans are equal”.

No matter who they are, they share the same sun and air.

They can be satisfied with food without eating expensive ingredients, and they can live anywhere without inconvenience as long as they are sheltered from rain and dew.

Japan has a system of welfare and minimum living standards, and I hardly hear of anyone dying of hunger.

But why is the happiness ranking of Japanese people low?

Things like education and career are decided by humans arbitrarily and have nothing to do with “happiness”, but they compare themselves with others and feel depressed.

No matter how good a school they go to, how good a career they have, or how much money they have, they cannot be happy without a heart that feels happiness.

The happiness they gain by comparing themselves with others is not lasting unless they keep competing.

They should cherish the everyday happiness and think “it was a fun life” before they die. That is what a happy life is, I think.


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