December 21, 2023

It was raining with snow from the morning in Nara Prefecture (Japan) today. The warmth of last week was like a lie, and it was cold. It finally became winter-like.

The climate this year is really abnormal. I don’t know if global warming caused by carbon dioxide is the problem, or if the earth’s pole shift that is being talked about in the streets is the cause, but it is certain that humans have become harder to live in the world.

I don’t know if it is the retribution for what humanity has done to the earth, or if God exists, he has lost his patience with humanity, but I think we have to do what we can do now.

A little while ago, I saw an online article that Professor Imanaka of Kyoto University succeeded in developing a new energy called Dream Fuel. It is a technology that brews oil using water and carbon dioxide, and it seems that patents have been taken.

If this is realized, the power struggle over oil will disappear, and at least the problem of wasteful wars will be solved, so it is a hopeful story.

To begin with, I wonder why we still maintain the same energy as 100 years ago, even though innovative technologies such as IT are being developed every day. Maybe there is an energy that can replace oil more easily than Dream Fuel. I think there is a possibility that it has been suppressed for the sake of interests, but I hope that the energy problem will be solved by innovative technology for the new era.



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