December 20, 2023

A little while ago, Mr. Yusuke Chiba, the former member of Thee Michelle Gun Elephant (a Japanese rock artist), passed away, so I often watch live videos on YouTube.

They were a garage band and they had a really good performance.

I wonder if YouTube has a lot of issues with rights and stuff, but I’m really happy that I can watch my favorite videos like this.

YouTube’s history is only about 10 years, so in the old days, there was no way to watch videos except buying or renting videos or DVDs, and it was too inconvenient and I don’t remember how I did it back then.

After YouTube, TikTok came out, but in the last few years, there hasn’t been any new entertainment stuff. I thought metaverse and VR would grow more, but no.

AI like chatGPT was amazing, so I’m looking forward to 2024, when fun services that combine virtual currency, metaverse, VR and AI will come out!

There have been a lot of wars and dark news lately, so I hope next year will be a good year.


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