December 14, 2023

There are only half a month left in 2023.

This year was full of bad news around the world, but I hope next year will be a good one.
(Although it’s not a very good trend..)

I also suffered from a disease called ‘depression’ this year.
Thanks to the illness, many things changed in my environment, but it was also a year when I was able to declutter my relationships and other things.

Recently, I have recovered a lot physically, so I will try to enjoy my daily life in 2024 and not relapse.

By the way, I made music for the first time in a long time yesterday.
When I was depressed, I couldn’t do what I liked, so it was a song of about 30 seconds, but I feel that this is also connected to my recovery.

I’ll post a link, so please listen if you like.




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