December 22, 2023

I’m not interested in asset management, but I like Bitcoin and bought some. Not as an asset management, but because I was interested in the mechanism.

There are quite a few people who say that Bitcoin is suspicious. “I can’t believe that data has value.” “It seems like it will lose its value in the future.” I think it’s not unreasonable to think so.

But, if you ask me if they really understand the content, I don’t think so, and I feel that the people who don’t understand are the ones who are suspicious.

Money is based on trust. Japanese yen and dollars are just pieces of paper if they lose their trust, and credit cards are just plastic boards if they lose their trust in VISA and others.

Bitcoin’s price had fallen for a while, but it has risen in the second half of 2023 and has a high price. As long as there are people who trust it, I think Bitcoin’s value will not disappear, although it may fluctuate.

Looking at the recent trend, the trust in the existing dollars and yen is falling, while the value of Bitcoin is rising, so I feel that the gap is narrowing.

That may be because the transparency of the existing currencies is decreasing. Maybe more people feel that it is a system that suits the convenience of some wealthy people.

Bitcoin is still said to be suspicious, but its transactions are open to everyone, and it has a characteristic that no one can hide or change the content. I think Bitcoin is superior in terms of transparency.

Anything that lasts long will be tainted by interests. Personally, I think Bitcoin is good as a world common currency.


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