The Beatles’ last new song “NOW AND THEN” was released on November 2, 2023. I would like to write my honest impressions after listening to it several times.

First, I will write about “NOW AND THEN”.

“NOW AND THEN” was one of the demo tapes that Yoko Ono gave to Paul McCartney around the same time as “Free as a bird” and “Real Love” that were released in 1995.

However, the piano sound was too loud and John Lennon’s vocals were not audible, so “NOW AND THEN” was shelved.

But in 2023, using the technology of AI, they succeeded in separating John’s vocals and piano sound, and it was announced as a new song this time.

George Harrison also had a take of playing the rhythm guitar for “NOW AND THEN” in the 1995 recording, and they adopted it and announced it as the “last” new song of The Beatles.

And my impressions of listening to “NOW AND THEN”. Honestly, I thought it was a mediocre song.

I was moved by listening to “Free as a bird” at the time, but I honestly didn’t get to that point. It felt like a song that was somehow finished from a dead stock that I wasn’t satisfied with the quality.

It might be well done if you think that it was made by collecting the remaining pieces, but I couldn’t erase the feeling of being the “bonus” at the end. I can’t help it, but I was disappointed that there was no atmosphere of the era when The Beatles were active.

I’m sorry for the fans of The Beatles, but personally I wanted them to end beautifully with “Free as a bird”. That’s my honest opinion.

I wondered what John Lennon thought about his songs being processed and released after he died.

There are often times when new songs of deceased artists are released, but honestly I can’t agree with that.

I’m sorry to write something that offends you after the new song was released.


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