Ableton Live 12 is a software that has many new features for music production and live performance.

The new features of Live 12 can be classified as follows:

  • Infinite ideas: You can use the new MIDI transformation and MIDI generation tools to create variations of melodies and rhythms, or generate ideas from scratch. You can also handle any tuning system in the world, and play any tuning with MPE-compatible plugins.
  • Amazing sound design: You can use the new MPE-compatible synth Meld and the coloring & saturation device Roar to create unique and rich sounds. You can also experiment with sound creation using the granular synthesis Granulator III and the sound collection Lost and Found, which are generated from unusual materials.
  • More intuitive workflow: You can now display the mixer in the arrangement view, and you don’t need to switch between the session view and the arrangement view. You can also display multiple views at the same time, and display the clip editor, automation, and device parameters at the same time as the device view. In addition, you can easily search for sounds in the library using the new tag system.

Live 12 also includes many new sound sources, devices, sound content, and more, in addition to these new features.


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