I’m MoriKei.

I took a leave of absence from work due to depression in March this year and returned to work for the first time in eight months three days ago.

I used to be an office worker with a position, but I started as a manufacturing worker when I returned to work.

I can also do some programming, so I thought about working as a programmer, but I didn’t think I could do any mental hard work while still suffering from depression, so I chose to work in manufacturing.

I used to work while thinking about my career, but now I feel like I’m working for the sake of eating and living, and that feeling is somehow refreshing.

To be honest, I feel free now that I have given up my career.

By earning enough money to live on and finding my own purpose in life separately, I have more options.

“To live richly while enjoying today”

This is my goal from now on.


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