I have been on leave from work due to depression, but I have decided to return to work on November 9th.

I have been off since March 9th, so I have been off for about eight months.

It was a tough eight months, but I finally feel like I have taken a step forward. To be honest, I thought I could return to work sooner, but it took longer than I expected.

However, it seems that six months or a year of treatment is normal for depression.

Even if you think you will not get depressed, you can easily develop it if you push yourself too hard, so I hope everyone will be careful.

However, it was eight months that I was able to look at myself again.

I was able to spend enough time with my family. I was also able to think about what makes me happy in life.

In that sense, I think it was a meaningful period.

It will be my first job in eight months, but I will try to do it slowly and steadily without relapsing.


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