How many people know the music genre called ambient?

It may be a genre that you rarely encounter even if you are very familiar with music.
It is also called “environmental music”, but it is a rare genre that people listen to with interest from themselves.

There is no impressive riff, no song structure, let alone a melody.
“Who would like to listen to such music?”
Honestly, I felt something similar before.

In October 2022, Japan’s largest ambient event
“Ambient Kyoto” was held in Kyoto.

It was an event by “Brian Eno”, a master of the ambient world, but
The ambient experience I had there was shockingly good, and
I became addicted to the point of going to ambient events several times since then.

And I went there because “Ambient Kyoto” will be held in 2023 as well!

The venue for Ambient Kyoto was the same as last time, “Kyoto Central Credit Union Former Welfare Center”.

I arrived at the venue in about 5 minutes walk from Kyoto Station.

I went to the venue on a weekday, so I honestly thought there would be few customers, but
There were surprisingly many customers inside.

I thought it was a pretty geeky event, but
I was surprised that there were more fans of ambient than I expected.

This event mainly exhibited the music and video works of Seiichi Yamamoto, but
It was a very wonderful and captivating work.

The work that changes in sync with the relaxed sound was
A healing space where you can enter a kind of meditative state.

Also this time, at “Kyoto Shimbun Building Basement 1st Floor”,
The late Ryuichi Sakamoto’s work was also exhibited.

It is a collaboration work with Shiro Takatani based on the studio album “async” released by Ryuichi Sakamoto in 2017.

This was also a very mysterious work, and
A work that matches the music on a wide screen close to 10 meters wide.

Personally, I felt really wonderful about this “Ambient Kyoto” event, but
I also think that it is an event that people who do not fit will not understand at all.

But maybe it’s happy that you can be moved by such an event.」


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